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module provides remote setpoint adjustment capability when paired with VRG Controls’ RP Series Regulator Pilots.  ESC modules may be powered with 120 or 24 VDC Power.  4-20 mA analog or 24 VDC discrete command signal will raise / lower pressure setpoint.  In event of loss of command signal or power, the ESC will render the RP pilot to “lock” at last pressure setpoint, thereby maintaining control of the process.  The ESC features an easy pushbutton programming and 4-20 mA feedback of ESC motor position.


The Eliminator Pilot Filter provides 20 µ filtration of pilot inlet gas to ensure reliable operation of your Red Ox control devices.  The Eliminator features 316 Stainless Steel construction in a compact design with 0.250 FNPT inlet, outlet and drain connections.  The standard sintered polyethylene filter element can easily be changed inline.


The FD Series of Filter assemblies provide high capacity, long-life 10 µ filtration.  The FD Series features a heavy-duty, high-pressure carbon steel construction with 0.250 FNPT inlet, outlet and drain connections.  Various filter/dryer media filters are available to remove entrained moisture, gas odorant and trace sulfur.


Supply Gas Heaters provide a robust amount of self-contained heat to ensure reliable operation of Control Devices without the need for constant electrical power.  Supply Gas Heaters are pre-piped in a compact, durable stainless steel enclosure that includes an explosion proof catalytic heater, heat exchanger core, and low pressure supply gas heaters.  Startup voltages available in 12 VDC or 120 VAC.


NAJ Series Noise Attenuating Jackets provide excellent acoustic noise reduction when paired with Red Ox Regulators.  Noise attenuation can typically be reduced between 12-25 dBA when applied to aggressive regulation applications.  The NAJ offers a cost-effective solution during design stage or retrofit to existing “problem” facilities.  NAJ Jackets are equipped with easy removal and reinstallation without special tools or material.


The IMC RP Pilot Mounting Bracket provides a robust, convenient ability to mount VRG Controls’ RP Series Regulator Pilots.  The 316SS bracket can be installed on LEFT or RIGHT hand side of all sizes of Red Ox IMC Top Entry Regulators.  The bracket allows the IMC Top Entry Regulator to be rebuilt without removal of the RP Pilot.

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